Two-pot retirement system

Written on 03/06/2023
MJ Minter Inc

The first phase of legislative amendments to the retirement system is due to take effect on 1 March 2024. The intent of these amendments is to enable pre-retirement access to a portion of one’s retirement assets, while preserving the remainder for retirement. Retirement fund contributions will remain deductible up to R350 000 per year or 27.5 percent of taxable income per year – whichever is lower. Permissible withdrawals from funds accrued before 1 March 2024 will be taxed according to the lump sum tables. Withdrawals from the “savings pot” before retirement will be taxed at marginal rates. On retirement, any remaining amounts in the savings pot will be taxed according to the retirement lump sum table (for example, R550 000 is a tax-free lump sum on retirement). 

Four areas required additional work: a proposal for seed capital, legislative mechanisms to include defined benefit funds in an equitable manner, legacy retirement annuity funds and withdrawals from the retirement portion if one is retrenched and has no alternative source of income. The first three matters will be clarified in forthcoming draft legislation. The final matter will be reviewed as a second phase of implementation.

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